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Any entry into Zimbabwe not longer than 6 months is subject to minimum entry requirements such as a Passport or Travelling Document, valid Visa, a return ticket and enough funds to last the duration of the proposed visit.

Valid Passport

Passports must be valid for at least 6 months prior to travelling in order to be allowed entry into the country. Visits with a duration longer than 6 months will require a specific permit.  Check with your nearest Zimbabwe Embassy or Consulate. You can also check with your local Booking or Travel Agent for details.

Find out if you need a Visa

Any potential visitor to Zimbabwe (business or pleasure), should check with their relevant countries to see if they require a visa for entry into the country  whether visiting or in-transit.  Check under what Visa Regime category your country falls under (A, B, C) to avoid any inconveniences upon arrival.

  • Category A:  Those who do not require a visa to enter Zimbabwe.
  • Category B:  Those who may be issued a visa upon arrival at Point-of-Entry.
  • Category C:  Those who must obtain a visa prior to travelling (e-Visa now available).

Determine Visa Type and Fees*

  • Single Entry Visa               US$30
  • Double Entry Visa            US$45
  • Multiple Entry Visa          US$55

*Note:  The above quoted prices are standard rates are applicable to some and subject to change.  Please contact your local Zimbabwean Embassy or Consulate for accurate rates applicable to citizens of your country.  To avoid any delays or inconvenience at the Point-of-Entry it advisable to apply for your visa in advance prior to travelling to Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe has three main Ports-of-Entry (POE):  Airport, Road and Rail.


Zimbabwe has few airports that are ports-of-entry and departure to and from the country with Harare International, Bulawayo International and Victoria Falls International airports the most popular with international travellers.  When booking, it is advisable to use the airport that is in the region or closer to your proposed destination in the country.

Below are the airport and Airport Codes to assist with your booking and to ensure that the accurate location is selected.

  • Harare International Airport (HRE) located 15 km south of Harare  Zimbabwe’s capital, is the main gateway into the country.  It is one of the busiest and longest airports in Africa. The runway is 4725 m (15,500 ft) long and 46 m wide compared to 4418 m (14,490 ft) of South Africa’s OR Tambo International airport.
  • Bulawayo’s J. M. Nkomo International Airport (BUQ) is located 20 km east of Zimbabwe’s second largest city.  The runway is 2588 m long and 45 m wide. It can accommodate B767 aircraft or equivalent.
  • Victoria Falls International Airport (VFA) in Zimbabwe’s tourist capital is located 21km from Victoria Falls Town Centre.  The runway is 2286 m long and 30 m wide and can accommodate B737/A319 aircraft or equivalent. It operates 12 hrs a day. Major airlines operating from Victoria Falls Airport are Air Zimbabwe, British Airways, SAA, Com Air and Air Namibia.
  • Mutare Airport (UTA) located in the city of Mutare, Manicaland, is the gateway to the Eastern Highlands, a major tourist hub.
  • Buffalo Range Airport (BFO) in Chiredzi is strategically situated to serve as the main gateway to Gonarezhou National Park, Save Valley and Malilangwe Conservancies including Great Limpopo Trans-Frontier Parks on the Zimbabwean side. The runway is 1578 m long and 30 m wide.  It can accommodate aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 737-700 executive series, long range aircraft like Falcon, Lear jet, Citation, Challenger, Global Express, Gulf Stream, Beech jet and Pilatus.
  • Charles Prince Airport (FVCP) in Harare caters to aircraft that falls under the 5700 kg maximum all up weight (MAUW).
  • Kariba Airport (KAB) is located north of Bulawayo in the small resort town of Kariba. The airport has 4 Runways (2 crossing strips) Rwy 06, 24, 14 and 32.  The runway is 1 650 m long and 30 m wide and can accommodate aircraft of up-to 41000kg. Jet A1 and AVGAS are available at the airport.
  • Beitbridge Airport (FVBB) is  located in the southern town of Beitbridge, gateway to South Africa.

Other Airports in Zimbabwe:

    • Masvingo Airport (MVZ) located in Masvingo provides air access to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins monument, Lake Mutirikwi, Kyle Recreational Park and is also used for medical air rescue. The runway is 1726 metres long and 18 meters wide and can handle light to medium sized aircraft.
    • Hwange National Park Airport (HWN) in Hwange is a domestic airport with a runway that is 4600 m long (second longest runway in Zimbabwe) and 30 m wide. Large aircraft like Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 can land on this runway.  The airport is well secured and has Air Traffic Control, Fire Fighting and Rescue services.


Airport Name IATA ICAO City Served (Province)
Buffalo Range FBO FVCZ Chiredzi
Centenary Airport FVCN Centenary (Mashonaland East)
Charles Prince Airport (??) FVCP Harare
Chipinge Airport CHJ FVCH Chipinge (Manicaland)
Grand Reef Airport FVMU Mutare (Manicaland)
Kotwa Airport FVFOT Kotwa (Mashonaland East)
Kwekwe East Airport FVKK KweKwe (Midlands)
Mhangura Airport Mhangura (Mashonaland Central)
Mount Darwin Airport FVMD Mount Darwin (Mashonaland Central)
Mutoko Airport FVMT Mutoko (Mashonald East)
Thornhill Airbase GWE FVTL Gweu (Midlands)
Zvishavane Airport FVSH Zvishavane (Midlands)

Note:  Most international flights to Zimbabwe operate on a regular basis from Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls International Airports.  For domestic travel to Victoria Falls there are scheduled flights available from Bulawayo and Harare International airports.  Remote areas not serviced by regular domestic flights can use private or charter planes that ply the route.  Check with your Booking or Travel Agent.


Zimbabwe has four major border crossings with neighbouring countries Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia:

  • Beitbridge Border Crossing (Zimbabwe-South Africa)
  • Plumtree Border Crossing (Zimbabwe-Botswana)
  • Victoria Falls Border Crossing on the Victoria Falls Bridge (Zimbabwe-Zambia)
  • Forbes Border Crossing (Zimbabwe-Mozambique)

Border Posts Operating Hours

Border Post Bordering  Country Operating Times
Beitbridge South Africa 24 hours
Pafuri South Africa 08:00 am – 4:00 pm
Plumtree Botswana 06:00 am – 8:00 pm
Kazungula Botswana 06:00 am – 6:00 pm
Victoria Falls Bridge Zambia 06:00 am – 10:00 pm
Chirundu Zambia 06:00 am – 6:00 pm
Kariba Zambia 06:00 am – 8:00 pm
Nyamapanda Mozambique 06:00 am – 8:00 pm
Forbes Mozambique 06:00 am – 8:00 pm


Note: With regards to the above operating times, please check with your nearest Zimbabwean Embassy, Consulate or Trade Mission for updates as changes could occur.  Great Zimbabwe Traveller makes an effort to update information as soon as possible as it becomes available.


Zimbabwe has similar Road Rules and Driving Regulations applicable in other parts of the developed world.  It is advisable that anyone intending to drive in the country adheres to all existing rules and regulations to avoid a brush with local Law Enforcement agents and Traffic Officials.

Unlike in North America, Zimbabwe drives on the left side of the road (British style).

  • Road Blocks:  You are most likely to come across roadblocks manned by the local Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Traffic officials.  As long as your documentation is in order, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Buses: Zimbabwe has multiple local domestic, intracity and cross-border bus services.  Greyhound and Cityliner to-and-from Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswana are popular.
  • Car Rentals: Check out local listings for car rental agencies which include Avis and Hertz.

Note: For your own SAFETY, we strongly advise against  hitch-hiking, or picking up strangers by the roadside.  Rules that apply in most countries in relation to Road Safety also apply in Zimbabwe.

Driving Across the Border

If driving across the border to Zimbabwe, the following documentation is required:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Drivers Licence or International Driving Licence
  • Original Vehicle Registration Papers
  • Vehicle Licence Papers:  If you are not the registered owner, bring a Police certified affidavit indicating authorization from either the owner or financial institution  to take the vehicle abroad, or across the border.
  • Police Clearance Certificate: Required at Chirundu Border Post for vehicles and trailers.
  • Third Party Insurance: Compulsory and obtainable at most Border Crossings for a fee or at an AA Accredited Sales Agent store.
  • Road Access Fees:  Based on vehicle size and paid upon POE (entry) ONLY.  Check with your Booking or Travel Agent for current rates.
  • Beitbridge Border Post Fee: Paid at Point-of-Entry
  • Exit Pass: Paid at Exit Point
  • Carbon Pollution Tax: Fees vary depending on engine capacity; valid for 30 days
  • White and Red Reflective Tape:  Required are 1) two small white rectangular size strips on the Right and Left hand side of the front bumper; 2) two small red square strips on the Right and Left hand side of the rear bumper.
  • Carnet de Passage:  Not required.  Temporary Import Permit will be issued at relevant Border Post upon entry (free of charge).
  • Warning Triangles:  Two Warning Triangles on a metal plate are required.
  • White and Red T-Sign:  Required if towing a trailer; WHITE must be displayed on the front right-hand side of trailer/caravan, and RED on the rear right-hand side of the trailer/caravan, when looking forward.
  • Fire Extinguisher:  Compulsory
  • Safety Vests:  Compulsory

When travelling to Zimbabwe by rail, there are two main Points-of-Entry/Exit:

  • Beitbridge (Zimbabwe-South Africa border)
  • Plumtree (Zim-Botswana border)


Zimbabwe has one of the oldest and reliable railway service in Africa.  It is the prestigious product of Cecil Rhodes’ dream for the Great Railway which would have stretched from Cape-to-Cairo.

National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) is the national career for commercial and Passenger Services which operates domestic and external routes.  Domestic passenger trains run from major cities of Bulawayo and Harare to Victoria Falls, Mutare, Gweru and Masvingo as well as to borders of all borders with neighbouring countries.

Services currently offered are as follows:

  • Bulawayo-Harare
  • Bulawayo-Victoria Falls
  • Bulawayo-Beitbridge
  • Bulawayo-Chiredzi
  • Bulawayo-Francistown  (Botswana)
  • Bulawayo-Chicualacuala (Mozambique)
  • Gweru-Masvingo
  • Harare-Bindura
  • Harare-Mutare
  • Harare-Chinhoyi

For more information and complete list of Train Schedule and Timetable, please check with the nearest NRZ Station or contact the following:

Intercity and Commuters

Telephone: +263 9 362674/362291/362397           Email: passengerservice@nrz.co.zw



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